The oscillation between “becoming-tool” and “becoming-prosthesis” in architectural designs




Architectural representation, prosthesis, design tool, architectural design, post-digital


This study explores the architectural design tools that have evolved through digital media in the postdigital era, which is evaluated through analog and digital hybridize. It raises the question of how the tool, as a mediator between the designer-subject and the designed-object in the architectural design process, can be re-examined in a hybrid design environment. The study proposes that what connects the designer-subject and the designed-object can be understood not only as a tool but also as a prosthesis. In this context, the “tool” in architectural design is described by the oscillation between the concepts of “becoming-tool” and “becomingprosthesis” and their impact on the designer-subject through bodily, cognitive, and consciousness extensions. The relations among the concepts are discussed by folding them on each other using the hermeneutic methodology.


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Research articles
Received 2023-01-23
Accepted 2023-06-15
Published 2023-10-31