Focus and Scope

VLC Arquitectura Research Journal is an international research journal, born as an initiative of the School of Architecture of the Universitat Politècnica de València. The publication covers the architecture as an interdisciplinary understanding and it is the place for discussions on the architectural and urban project from its technical, energetic and material side, to its theoretical, historical and graphics perspective. Education research on architecture is also welcome.

The journal aspires to create a high-level discussion in university research in the fields of architecture and urbanism, and aims to be a channel for the dissemination of advanced research in the field.

All researchers related to architecture and urbanisms are invited to contribute. The journal is published twice a year and appears in hard copy and digital version. Selection of papers is done through a system of double-blind peer reviews, following the usual protocols for scientific publications.

VLC Arquitectura Research Journal encourages contributions to the following areas of research, according to UNESCO nomenclature:

6201 Architecture: Architectural Design, Parks and gardens, Urbanism

3305 Construction Technology: Architectural Design; Airport Construction; Buildings, large and skyscrapers; Bridges; Concrete (Technology of); Civil Engineering; Dams, Drainages; Excavations; Foundations; Harbors; Heavy constructions; Houses; Hyper static systems; Industrial and commercial buildings; Light constructions; Metallic constructions; Metrology of building; Organization of Works; Prefabricated constructions; Pre-stressed concrete; Public buildings; Regulations, codes and specifications; Soil mechanics (construction); Structural engineering; Structural strength; Topography of building; Tunnels; Underground Works; Urban planning; Water supply; Wood constructions

3329 Urban Planning: Building codes, Communications, Community organization, Land Use, Regional development, Sanitary services, Transportation, Urban environment, Urban-rural relations

5506 Specialized histories: History of Architecture

2201 Acoustics: Architectural acoustics

5203 Geographical demography: Urban demographics

5404 Regional geography: Urban geography

3313 Mechanical Engineering and technology: Building materials

If you have any question regarding the format of a submission or you wish guidance as to whether a subject is appropriate for VLC Arquitectura Research Journal please write directly to the Editor in Chief.